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What’s the Deal With Essential Oils?

There are so many companies that offer Essential Oils, it took me a while to be sure where to start. Oils are sold in stores, online, through distributors… it’s confusing. But after doing a ton of research (like, six months of combing the web and asking around) I settled on Young Living and could not be happier! Store brands contain fillers and synthetics (as do many of the “reputable” brands sold online and by distributors) but YL oils are PURE. After researching their Seed-to-Seal process of cultivating non-GMO seeds in pesticide-free soil, I knew it was exactly the kind of product I wanted to use. I never imagined I’d be part of the company as a distributor!!

When I started, I simply wanted that awesome 24% wholesale discount so I signed up for their incredible Premium Starter Kit.

11 oils valued at $163, a diffuser that costs $98… and you get them all for $160. Plus, that gets you signed up as a wholesale buyer with a 24% discount – no monthly requirements or minimums. Easy decision for me.

To give you some basic background information …Young Living is an essential oil company based in Utah.  They manufacture 100% therapeutic grade essential oils perfect for optimizing your family’s wellness and most have amazing purposes around your home to detoxify your environment. With every resource I begin studying, I’m amazed and how the Lord has provided His plants for our own bodies.


So, how do I use them myself and what can be done with them?…

I love putting Lemon in my water and drink a few glasses of water with 2-3 drops of lemon in it daily. Many of us use a combo of Lemon, Peppermint, and Grapefruit to help maintain a healthy weight!

I love to use a combination of Frankincense, Lavender, and Purification in jojoba oil to take care of my skin. I also use several of the Young Living beauty products (their ART skincare line is amazing!) but combining these pure oils into a healthy carrier oil is a great way to use them!

I love adding a drop of Thieves into a cup of hot tea in the morning – this is my “wellness tea” and it definitely perks me up! Peppermint is a great additive to your tea or even in your coffee as well. Peppermint offers amazing digestive support and can be taken as simply as just dropping one drop under your tongue (my favorite way to use it!). DiGize is incredible for supporting the digestive system as well, and it’s my go-to for all stomach wellness… we use it in a capsule regularly and it helps us stay… well, regular. 😉

I’ve already talked about using Frankincense to support aging skin but it’s also incredible diffused to help with grounding and meditation. What does that really mean? It’s perfect for when kids are crabby or you’re just feeling kinda emotionally funky and need to settle your restlessness.

Lavender is great to apply diluted to tender skin and my kids love this one a lot! When they’re acting out of sorts and I need to relax us all, a few drops in the diffuser is the perfect blend (try it with peppermint or thieves in the diffuser too!).

Copaiba is great to use with Panaway after exercise. They’re also great for using on your knees, shoulders, basically just anywhere you want to soothe and uplift. RC  can be added to Panaway and Copaiba for an excellent chest and after-workout rub for your legs and shoulders. Using RC is also a great choice for your chest when preparing to exercise or during the winter.

Oh, and StressAway!! Oh goodness. Mamas, that one’s good for exactly what its name says! I keep it in my purse and break it out for me or the kids as needed! It’s a blend of lime and vanilla and is both yummy and refreshing!

I’m sorry if this is a bit overwhelming…I was only going to share about a few of them   But the Lord has blessed me so tremendously through them!

Honestly, I was so truly concerned with what my husband would think when I got started with Oils. I didn’t even tell him what the diffuser was for a few days because he’s SUCH a skeptic and I wansn’t sure what he would think about it. Well… he’s a SOLD believer. In fact, within a month I had ordered a SECOND starter kit (yes you can do that!) so we could get a diffuser for his office. Yay!

This site is full of great information about how to Get Started, How Oils Work, Why Young Living (instead of other brands), and info on each oil specifically. Still confused? Use the contact button up top and shoot me a message!

Erin Rodgers 🙂