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10-in-10 Challenge!!!


YOU’RE CHALLENGED…. How? To tell us how much you LOVE your oils!!! Seriously, I’m LOVING my starter kit and want you to love yours too!!

Print out this document:


Keep it on your kitchen counter or somewhere you’ll USE it… and see for yourself how much you’re using those oils!! Then post your list to Facebook and snag that photo above to use on your page!!


Here’s my (Erin) 10-in-10…

Oh my goodness, so I totally have challenged myself to use ALL the Starter Kit oils in 10 days. And I couldn’t believe how EASY it was to do it!! I love these oils. I do have a TON of others, but I keep coming back to the kit oils and using them over and over. SO… what do I use and HOW?? Here goes…


–       in the kids’ diffusers in their rooms at night (with Cedarwood and Valor)
–       on bug bites, cuts, scrapes, bruises… the ULTIMATE healing oil
–       in the laundry on my wool dryer balls
–       I include lavender in my daily capsule since it’s part of the allergy trio (lemon, lavender, peppermint – more on this under “lemon”)
–       We diffuser every evening in the kitchen/living area with Peace & Calming
–       Homemade Febreze – 12oz spray bottle with 10 drops each of Lavender, Purification, Thieves, and Peppermint. YUM. Spray EVERYWHERE.


–       on my skin every day – I have a roller of jojoba oil that has 30 drops of Frank and 10 drops of purirification. I Love it!!
–       This is Bronce’s favorite to wear. He loves the smell.
–       Part of our headache treatments (with panaway, valor, and peppermint)
–       Skin stuff… dark undereye circles, wart removal, sunspots, wrinkles… We use this one a LOT.
–       It’s been studied a TON in cancer research so I include this in my daily capsule


–       I use it to remove goo from bottles
–       In my GLASS water bottle every day, all day
–       To help drain the fluid behind the kids ears… they’re both prone to ear infections, so at the first tug of the ear we dilute lemon and purification and rub along the back of the ears and down the lymph nodes (lemon will drain lymph nodes! It’s awesome for detox.)
–       Diffusing the allergy trio when the kids are congested – lemon + lavender + peppermint (I also keep it in a roller to apply to sinuses)
–       Bronce and I both take the weight loss trio everyday – Lemon + Peppermint + Grapefruit
–       This one is in my daily capsule.
–       When I cut up an apple for the kids I put it in a cup of water, add a drop of lemon… swish around and drain… keeps the apple “fresh” for several hours


–       In the diffuser in the kids room every night… with lavender + cedarwood
–       Part of our headache treatment (see “Frankincense” for more details)-       Back of neck when my back hurts… great for aligning the spine. Just a drop on my brainstem.


–       daily capsule, plus it’s in my weight loss trio capsule (see Lemon for more info)
–       Part of the allergy trio (also under lemon for more info)
–       In a capsule for acid reflux
–       I have a roller with peppermint and DiGize (heavily diluted) that I use on my stomach and the kids’ tummy if we’re feeling icky. It take the crampiness or rumbly tummy feeling away in about 2 minutes. Amazing!
–       Part of the headache regimine (see Frankincense for more info)
–       If I need some energy, I put this in the diffuser alone or with other oils
–       I spray this around when I see ants or spiders… keeps ‘em gone for a while


–       I diffuse Thieves with Joy & Orange every morning to clean the air (natural disinfectant, anti-bacterial oil combo) and to get us going. It’s a great trio.
–       In a roller with Purification, our “Anti-Germ” combo – I roll the kids feet every day before MothersDayOut.
–       We make a tea with a cup of hot water and two drops each Thieves an Lemon – sip on it when you have a sore throat.


–       Great muscle relaxant, use it on upper back when shoulder are sore.
–       Part of the headache treatment
–       Rub on sore joints/wrists
–       I’ve been getting some sort of soreness in my left elbow, probably from hauling Graham around. When it gets bad I can rub Panaway with Valor on my elbow and it’s gone!


–       I use this with Thieves in the diffuser when it’s funky and we need to clean the air or when I think the kids are getting sick
–       This is our GO-TO for mosquito bites. Eleanor says she’s got one…rub some Purification on it… swelling and itch are gone in a minute.
–       Rub outside ears and throat when sick or feeling like something is coming
–       I love this oil for stinky shoes… which happens at lot at our house! Put a drop on a cotton ball and stuff in the shoe toe.


–       aaaaaaahhhhh….. calm those babies. Love this to calm the kiddos down in the evenings. We diffuse with Lavender.
–       I sneak this on the kids’ necks when they’re getting rowdy and I need them to calm down. Love it.


–       This is the oil my team – the JoyDroppers – is named after. We LOVE Joy.
–       I use this daily in my diffuser necklace. Good stuff. Keeps me in good spirits, all uplifted and happy.
–       It’s in my “HAPPY” roller with carrier oil – Joy, StressAway, and Orange – to roll on the kids when they’re having a bad day. Confession: or on myself. It’s awesome.
–       If I’m feeling stressed a quick drop on my chest over my heart… CHILL.

WOAH. I can’t believe that was all 10 days!!! Crazy. We really use these oils. Constantly. I could do this again for all the other oils I have, but you’ll notice ALL my blends are combined with something from the Kit. I love it!!

Ready to dive in and get a kit yourself?