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Sarah Dressler: Pennsylvania

YL Member # 2129325


My family consists of… My college sweetheart husband Matt, who is a winemaker, our inquisitive daughter Isabella, our adventurous son Arlowe and our two Pug fur babies, Paisley & Pugsley.

I use essential oils for…As an educator and a busy mom of two kiddos, the question should be what DON’T I use oils for! I use oils to support an even balance of emotions and energy throughout my teaching day. After my work day is finished, my family time is just beginning! There’s hardly a time, from playing outdoors, to completing school work, prepping healthy dinners and preparing for bedtime that our little family doesn’t use oils to support our health and wellness.

If I could choose only three oils for the rest of my life, I would choose… Stress Away, Thieves, and Lavender. (That was the HARDEST question to answer…EVER!)

Some of my favorite classroom diffuser blends are…
I’m Going to Ace My Test: Clarity, Rosemary, Frankincense
Happy Blend: Orange, Patchouli, White Angelica
Focus Blend: Vetiver, Cedarwood, Lavender
Focus Blend part deux: Peppermint, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass
Be Bold Blend: Valor, Frankincense
Perfect Attendance: Thieves, Copaiba, Frankincense
Seasonal Refresher: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint
The Kids Would Rather Be Outside: Peace & Calming

So, how can you become a YL member and receive these amazing oils and the 24% discounted prices? Glad you asked! All you have to do is follow the directions below and you will be on your way. Remember, becoming a member is nothing to be afraid of. You do not have to purchase a certain amount each month nor do you have to promote YL. You can simply take advantage of the cheaper member prices. Such a good deal!


Step 1: Click here to start the signup process.diffusernarrowgraphic

Step 2: make sure “Wholesale Member” is marked off instead of “Retail Customer.” This signs you as a “member” to Young Living and it’s the only way to get access to the kit and the 24% discount you get afterwards. It’s really important!

Step 3: make sure my member numbers are in both the sponsor & enroller blanks – 2129325 (they should be entered here for you if you used the link in step 1)

Step 4: Fill out all the information. It will ask you for your ss# but this is only for legal purposes so that you have the ability to bring in a paycheck (YL is a referral based business). If you never sign anyone up, your ss # will never be used. Lemon Droppers do not pressure people into the business end…EVER. We want you to use and love your oils and we love you as a member whether you work the business end or not.

Step 5: Make sure you write down your pin, user name and password when you choose it because you’ll need that in the future to log into your account.

Step 6: Select the first “PREMIUM STARER KIT” This is the one with the everyday oils kit and the diffuser and the start living kit. It will be $150. (There is also now a $160 option with a sleeker diffuser. They’re otherwise the SAME kit.) The cheaper kits do not include oils AND a diffuser, trust me that would be very disappointing!

Step 7: Scroll down through the “Essential Rewards Kits” and click “no thank you” (you are not obligated to sign up for Essential Rewards at this time, but it does have some great benefits, but to be honest, I always tell my new members to get the kit, try the oils out, and then talk to me before your NEXT purchase. We then we will see if ER is right for you and your family).

Step 8: At the bottom of the screen hit Next.

Step 9: Confirm your enrollment information (you should see my name as your enroller and sponsor, or the person who referred you).

Step 10: Add any oils, capsules, or products that you would like in addition to your kit if there are any that you would like.

Step 11: Check out and you are DONE! WOOHOO!

YAY!! You are a member!! Wooooohoooo!!! I remember how excited I was to receive my starter kit. Your membership will stay active as long as you spend at least $50 in a calendar year. You do not have to continue to renew your membership each year… that kit was a one-time thing and you will remain a member as long as you spend that $50 a year. Which, trust me… that won’t be a problem. 🙂

Also, be sure to drop me an email so I can get excited with you about your kit!!!