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Meet The JoyDroppers

0027-103015JHey y’all!! We are your typical Jesus-lovin’ southern family… with a twist! We started off the conventional route with much of our lives – from the way we approached our careers to the way we planned to expand our family to the stance on taking care of our own health and wellness. As tends to happen…we learned more so we changed a few things and along the way Erin discovered Essential Oils. So what began as something curious in our kitchen – a new approach to our family’s wellness – has now become our career path and a revolutionary way of helping our friends and family with their own wellness journeys.
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Together we have the amazing privilege of  leading the JoyDroppers team, one of the fastest-growing Young Living Essential Oils teams across the US. Working together has given us the chance to love better and give more… and we’re so excited to see what awesome changes continue to come from the opportunities we have to travel with our kiddos and share our passion for Essential Oils along the way! We have personally witnessed lives being changed through using Young Living Essential Oils and am so grateful for this intriguing way our Creator has provided for our needs.

Our family consists of the four goofy smiles above – Bronce and Erin (that’s us, the adults) and our little JoyDroplets Eleanor (5) and Graham (3).

Soooo… want to check out this oily excitement and see if it can make a difference for your family? We’d love to help you get started with your oils. Click right over HERE to dive in! And WELCOME to the JoyDropper family!