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Let’s Explore the Feelings Kit

Last fall I was looking through the Young Living products to find something new for a class focus. My thought process went like this:

What’s this kit, the Feelings? Yikes. Feelings. That seems…… odd. I’m not even entirely sure how I feel about a kit like this… I mean I know why I use Thieves and Purification… but FEELINGS??? Eek. I’ll just plan a little class for my team and that will force me to get to know this odd kit and then maybe I’ll feel more comfortable with it in the future. But seriously though… Feelings? Hmm. Let’s keep this one quiet till I know more…

So I planned the class and launched it to occur about a month in the future and then BAM!!! It went viral!! (Or, at least whatever “viral” might look like to someone like me with a small/moderate Facebook following) By the time the class launched, we had 4100 people following along. Hello, no pressure!!? BUT… for something I felt totally unprepared to teach, I ended up learning a LOT and heard the same from hundreds of the class participants!


I’ve received numerous requests to duplicate the class again and as much as I’d LOVE to do so… I think instead I’d like to take the information and hours of research and distribute it here on my blog for everyone to benefit from. I’ll be posting about the Feelings Kit over the next few weeks, just a little information at a time, so stay tuned!!

But first… let’s see what this whole thing is about.

FeelingsKitDetails.jpgThis kit is a great deal for these six oils. In fact, there are THREE ways to go about getting it, depending on if you’re a YL member or not.

  • Not a YL Wholesale member? Sign up as a Retail Customer and pay $224.67
  • Not a YL Wholesale member? Sign up using the BASIC kit for $45 and add the Feelings Kit to your order for $170.75, making your total $215.75. (This is the SMARTEST way to do it if you’re not already a member… you’ll save almost $10 from being a retail member PLUS you’ll have wholesale access to YL products going forward. Yay!)
  • Then, of course, if you already have a wholesale account with Young Living, you can snag the Feelings Kit with your membership for a cool $170.75

Remember… stay tuned (and subscribe to the blog for notifications) to learn more about this kit as I unpack it over the next few weeks. I promise this education will be something you don’t want to miss!!

xoxo – Erin