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Jessica: Before & After

What are these crazy oils everyone is talking about?!

I’ll be completely honest… when my friend approached me and told me about Essential Oils it went in one ear and out the other. I’ve used Essential Oils before – you know the cheapie ones you buy from the grocery store and sprinkle in your bath to make it yummy? What I didn’t understand is how much a pure Essential Oil could really change my life.

After she showed me how she had been using Frankincense on her face I was in shock. I knew how super self conscious she was of her scars because I had photographed her family. I remember taking the extra time editing her photos to be sure she would love herself in each and every one of them. So I sit there stunned as I look at her face up close and see that the scars aren’t so deep anymore. Then she told me she had only been using oil on them for a week. Ha! Forget it… no way! 

It didn’t take long for curiosity to get the best of me and I decided I HAD to have those oils. Granted it sounds super vain that my reasoning for wanting them wasn’t to improve the health of my family but to improve the looks of my skin but it led me to them! I started using frankincense as my nightly routine. 

The difference wasn’t so noticeable to me since I look at myself in the mirror everyday but people started asking questions. “What are you doing to your skin? It looks so good!” I had a few scars but I had a lot of sun damage from years of tanning bed abuse (make note young ladies the tanning bed is not a good idea!). I have always been fair skinned with freckles and my freckles will never go away and I love them! What I didn’t love were all the sun damaged areas where my skin was darkened and lifeless. I’m still using the oil every night but have seen a noticeable improvement in only 1 months time! My skin is glowing and the sun damage is almost completely gone. I’m so thankful I listened that day and decided to give them a try! 🙂

But the best part is, this is just ONE way I’m loving the Starter Kit. There are about a zillion uses for the eleven (yep…11!!) oils that come in the kit with a diffuser. I can’t wait to share more about my journey with Young Living’s oils. I’ll be putting up posts on a weekly basis for ways oils are taking over my beauty regimen. Get yourself a kit and let’s get started together!!

About the pictures… I didn’t have foundation on but did have mascara and a little lip gloss in both photos. I really had no clue anyone would even care about the before and after and was shocked how many people saw it. (actually slightly embarrassed that my face was all over the place!) Both photos were from my camera phone (no filters or editing). You can bet next time I’ll do a proper Before-and-After, hah!