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JoyDropper Intensive Courses


Sometimes you need a jumpstart in what you’re doing… a quick chance to up your attention and your game. A way to refocus your energy on the important things to build your business.

Shawn D. “It’s only 10 days, what do you have to gain from using that 90 minutes, max per day? Everything, perspective on how to get your business up and going and how there isn’t a mistake that hasn’t been made, don’t dispair, you can do it! And if you’ve been in the business for a while and need a little motivation, this is a great way to start.”

Each month, for 10 days (weekdays), I will be running any willing business builders through a fun Intensive Class. You commit to participate and I provide the content and the place to form those fun relationships with other growing leaders.

Meghan R. “It’s all about motivation. You may already know some stuff, but you’ll learn a lot of new stuff and have the motivation to do something with it.”

During those two weeks, we will commit to 30-90 (sometimes less, but never more) minutes per day for 10 business days to watch a video, read an article, or whatever assignment I have carefully chosen for that day. You must complete the assignments for each day and provide feedback. The instructions will be posted in the Facebook group. You will have two Saturdays at the end of each week to catch up, if need be. If you do not complete the assignments after the first week, you will be removed from the group. Sundays will be no-post days. The purpose is to have a focused time to grow and learn together and grow.

Kristin S. “I have learned so much through the intensive training. It’s been a perfect compilation of videos and resources to move any business builder and promote momentum in a team. I cannot express strongly enough how important it is to invest back into your business, beginning with yourself. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort for personal and professional development. By doing this, not only will your business grow, but your leaders will follow your example which will LAUNCH your team. This training has been so much fun and I looked forward to each day’s assignments!”

I have already carefully prepared and planned and am excited about the opportunity and possibility this intensive will allow. It will be relational, challenging, organized and fun! I deeply desire to see us all grow and mature as leaders. I am so honored to be a part of Young Living along-side you and pray that this group might be a blessing to those of you who are serious about your growing your business and serving your team. Please consider joining by filling out the Google Doc listed below. We will populate the group by the 28th of the prior month, so any requests to join AFTER that date will be held until the following month’s Intensive Course.

Danielle G “The past 10 days of Intensive Training have encouraged me to move forward in my business with purpose and passion! Learning from the pros of Young Living has shown me different perspectives on how to lead others to wellness. Finding your why, being organized, streamlining your message are all important aspects of being successful. Thankful for you, Erin, in leading us the past 10 days!”

Please note, this Intensive course is for members of the JoyDroppers team only. You must be a member of either the JoyDropper Business group OR the Essential Exchange for us to confirm your addition to the May Intensive. As we begin with the Intensive, we will make sure you’re a member of the JoyDropper business group, because you will need to be able to access the links in that group for this course!

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I’m excited to learn with you!!
xoxo – Erin