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Feelings Protocol {two versions}

In my research on the Feelings Kit, I found two specific protocols for using the oils. The first is the protocol from the EORD, the second is one direct from Gary Young. You will find them both below!

Releasing with Essential Oils {EODR Protocol}

There are a variety of different protocols recommended for achieving emotional release with EOs. I will primarily discuss two for the purposes of this class. The first is the protocol recommended in the EODR. This is a LONG protocol and involves far more oils than those in the Feelings Kit.

On page 418, the EODR discusses finding RELEASE with Essential Oils:

“The process of emotional release using essential oils should not be dramatic, but gentle, occurring step-by-step over a period of time. Application of the oils accompanied by mental focus and relaxation should occur multiple times per day. Some emotional blocks will require only a day or two to begin releasing; others may require weeks.

“Many essential oil blends have been created precisely for the purpose of helping to really emotional patterns. The protocol outline below is one that can be used very flexible late. One can use just the first step or two, a selection of steps, or use all the steps, depending on inclination and need. Each succeeding step involves another essential oil, which may further stimulate the release process.

“It is important to remember that this process should not be uncomfortable. As you reach a step during which you begin to feel uncomfortable, there is no need to go further. It is better to wait for a future application when you feel confident before going to that next step. The applications should be accompanied by mental effort focusing on reprogramming negative emotions with positive emotions and images.”

You can find a PDF of the EODR protocol at this link:

Please realize, a protocol is a purposeful way to see results from your oils. It is entirely possible that you can achieve emotional results with a single oil or blend. If you don’t have all the oils on hand… use what you have. Find an oil that meets the needs of your specific situation and gently incorporate it into your routine.

Gary’s Feelings Protocol

Gary Young developed a “Feelings Kit Protocol” for using the oils to maximize the emotional response of the body. Taking your time with each step before moving on to the next.

Step 1: Apply Valor on the bottom of your feet to balance your feelings.
Step 2: Apply Harmony on the energy points of the body to release unpleasant energies
Step 3: Apply Forgiveness on the navel and let go of negative emotion
Step 4: Apply Present Time on the wrists and behind the ears
Step 5: Apply Release over the liver
Step 6: Apply 1-2 drops of Inner Child under your nose
Step 7: Apply Valor once more to end the Feelings Kit application. Valor completes the experience with feelings of balance and integrity.

Complete Feelings Kit Ritual/Protocol can be found here:

**You may repeat the Feelings Kit application as often as you wish.