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Feelings Kit: PRESENT TIME


This blend is an empowering fragrance that creates a feeling of being in the moment. Disease develops when we live in the past and with regret. Being in the present time is the key to progressing and moving forward. [[From the EODR]]

Present Time can be used to release emotions such as: Flustered, Illusion, Loss, Malice, Repressed or Stuffed Emotions, Resistance to Change.
[[From REPwEO – See the book for more information on where and how to use Present Time for these specific emotions!}}
Present Time consists of:
• Neroli (Citrus sinensis) – blossom of orange – was used in ancient Egypt to cure body, mind and spirit. Its fragrance leads us to our core and stabilizes emotions. Neroli enhances inner peace, faith and awareness.
• Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) supports relaxation, balances yin and yang energies and increases self-confidence.
• Spruce: A good starting-point when it comes to releasing emotional patterns and getting grounded. Spruce not only brings harmony into our being, it is also known as the fragrance with the frequency of wealth.
• Blended in a carrier of almond oil

For aromatic use. Rub on sternum, base of neck and forehead. Wear on wrists, neck and behind the ears.