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Has anyone else noticed the flooding of articles lately with inflammatory titles like “OILS WILL KILL YOU” and “INGESTING OILS LEADS TO DEATH” and all sorts of other crazy titles?

As the founder of a group this large, I get these brought to my attention constantly. Sometimes it’s a fellow Oil user who is concerned and wants a balanced opinion, sometimes it’s a skeptical friend who wants more information, and other times it’s someone who thinks I’ve gone full-on loony-bin crazy-pants and wants to try to “prove” it to me somehow.

But you know what?
I agree with a LOT of the articles.
(Ummmm…did she just say that???!!!!)

Yes, I did. When I chose to begin using Essential Oils for my family and my children, it was a very educated decision and months of research went into carefully selecting the oils I would use and the brand I would purchase. Yes, brand matters. So does education. I strongly believe that Essential Oil users need to be educated when making decisions about using their oils, and not to just trust Google or Pinterest for that.

Every day I wake up with another DOZEN or so success stories sent to me by PM. People tell me how oils helped their child sleep, supported their digestive or immune or circulatory or another body system, how they’re maintaining normal cholesterol or blood pressure or blood sugar levels, and countless other things I am constantly BLOWN AWAY about. When you add in the amazing things we’ve witnessed in our own home, these things bring tears to my eyes. I am BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF to be a part of something this HUGE and life-changing. Blessed, y’all.

But you know why they work right? You know why people are seeing these kinds of results?

BECAUSE THEY ARE CRAZY POTENT AND SUPER POWERFUL. And anything that can be used in such tiny, powerful doses HAS to be used with caution, balance, and proper research.

When it comes to using your oils, I don’t care if you ingest. I don’t care if all you do is diffuse. I don’t care if you just dilute some oils in a roller and use them occasionally on your wrists. But you know what the common factor is there, right? USING THEM. And using them WISELY.

“But lady, are you even reading the articles that these people are posting?”

Yes, I am. I’ve read dozens. I try to do at least a quick read on every one of them sent to me. And you know what I find funny?

If someone writes an article detailing how they or their family has been helped with Essential Oils, everyone gets all “OOOOH, she has an AGENDA.” “She’s trying to SELL ME SOMETHING.” And you know what, that might be right.

But these articles being bantered around the internet… with a little research and poking around… THEY HAVE AN AGENDA, TOO. In fact, many of them are promoting their own book or a brand of Essential Oils they sell. Usually those oils are distilled by a mom-and-pop company, someone who imports plants and distills themselves, typically never having visited the farms to see what’s actually being done to raise the crops (pesticides? chemicals?) or just buying oils and relabeling them. Or they might even represent a bigger company but be focused on competitor-bashing. (Ugh, who’s got time for that?)

But even if they’re not… why don’t we ever wonder about their agenda? C’mon guys… EVERYONE has an agenda. Everyone. Always. There’s nothing truly neutral out there at all.

“Let’s talk facts, lady”

Yes!! Now you’ve got me excited!! Let’s talk facts!! I love it.

For a smidgen of my personal background, I was a pharmaceutical rep for 6 years. With my background and experience in that field, knowing full well the way studies and side effects and testing is done… I feel confident stating that for ME AND MY FAMILY, I have determined Essential Oils are extremely safe and a wise choice for us. Modern medicine is still part of our lives, but we’re supporting our body systems proactively using YL Essential Oils.

I’m a numbers junkie… I was a math major in college. I love diving into the few sources these articles mention (few… seriously few… they RARELY mention anything with true numbers or research). But one GREAT source for information is the American Association of Poison Control Centers. They keep a national report of ALL calls that have been reported through their call centers. The 2013 report is the latest one published (yep, no 2014 yet) and I’ve attached a little analysis I did on the numbers. (You can find a pdf copy of the report here.)


There are a few citations where there actually have been deaths reported regarding Essential Oils (which are OLDER than this information, none reported in 2013)… This is where have to put our thinking cap on. One of the dosages listed was ONE OUNCE of eucalyptus oil. That’s TWO of our 15ml bottles. TWO of them!! Well of course that is a bad idea!

Also, the lady who ingested 30 ml of Pennyroyal was trying to abort/kill her baby. Did she really think that would be safe for herself? Again, that is 2 of the large 15ml bottles (YL doesn’t sell Pennyroyal, just giving you a quantity comparison). And another… 1/2 cup of tea tree oil? Wow! I can’t imagine anyone thinking that would be safe. I believe these to be irresponsible uses of essential oils.

Of course, you can irresponsibly use anything and get bad results. Many normal things in our lives are also toxic in large doses, like vitamins, water, even sunshine! Oh… and food is most definitely hazardous to your health if you regularly consume 15,000 calories a day. Does that make those things unhealthy for us when used properly? Of course not! We use wisdom to make wise choices in all those areas, based on our personal health and individual circumstances. Using Essential Oils is no different.

There are a LOT of unsafe Essential oils out there, whether rendered that way through a distillation process that includes solvents, chemicals, or adds synthetics to the EOs (YL does NONE of that… and to my knowledge we are the ONLY company who doesn’t do at least one of those practices). But there are also a LOT of EOs that are dangerous simply because the PLANT is dangerous. Like Pennyroyal and Wormwood… YL doesn’t make either of those (don’t ask me why they’re produced elsewhere, I have NO idea).

[**Edited to add… not all YL oils are safe for ingestion either. What I mean to say is that we don’t generally produce those regarded as poison. Oils like MelA and others aren’t meant to be ingested but I still see them in Pinterest posts all the time (Oh, Pinterest… what a source of excellent, balanced, quality information… Oh wait, that was sarcasm.).]

Are people dumb? YES. Do dumb people do unsafe things? YES. Do people give dumb advice about Essential Oils? YES. Are you responsible for what YOU choose to do/take/use for your own body? YES. Are there VASTLY more reports of incidents with OTC meds and prescriptions than EOs? OH MY WORD YES.

If you’ve read this and you’re still like “oh geez, that chick is NUTS”… That’s fine, I can handle it and you won’t hurt my feelings. But please, whatever you choose to use for your family’s wellness, google around about the safety of those OTC meds before you put them in your child’s mouth every day for teething pain. Education is so important… whatever path for wellness you choose.

Okay… stepping off the soap box.

Bottom line… use EOs responsibly. Understand their power. Choose wisely, WHATEVER you do.

Are you ready to get started with these amazingly powerful and potent oils yourself?

Disclaimer: I am not equating Essential Oils with medications, I am simply rebutting the accusations that EOs are unsafe and using the Poison Control Center reports to discuss that.