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Epsom Salt Detox Bath

by Barb Murray

Few things help me relax mentally and physically after a busy shift on labor and delivery like a soak in an Epsom salt detox bath. And, not only is it calming, it is actually good for me. While researching for this blog post, these are just a few health benefits from taking an Epsom salt detox bath:

1. Increases magnesium level in the body
2. Increases sulfate level in the body
3. Lowers stress hormones
4. Reduces inflammation
5. Flushes toxins and protects against heavy metals
6. Helps prevent or ease migraines
7. Encourages increased oxygen and blood flow in our body

Epsom salt detox bath recipe

1-2 cup Epsom Salt (depending on tub size) – helps correct magnesium deficiencies

1/4-1/2 cup baking soda (depending on tub size) – helps neutralize the chemicals in water, decrease skin irritation as well as increase mineral absorption.

5 drops essential oil – more or less for personal preference

Mix the above ingredients and add to running bath water (the hottest tolerated) making sure everything dissolves well. Soak, covering as much of your body as possible, for 20-30 minutes. Do not use soap or shampoo. If necessary, bathe/shower before Epsom salt bath. Drink water before/during/after to stay well hydrated. Rinse. Carefully get out of tub as you may feel dizzy/lightheaded. Towel dry. Cover skin with lotion. Can also use as a detoxing foot soak by using about 1/4 of the suggested amounts. If being treated for a medical condition, discuss Epsom salt detox baths with your practitioner.

Barbara Murray is a Labor & Delivery nurse and IBCLC in Knoxville, TN. You can learn more about her adventures with Essential Oils here! More about Barb