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Bug Spray – Summer Solution #1

So I posted this picture this morning to my Facebook page and had about a zillion LIKES and two dozen or so questions about my recipe in the comments and through PMs. I’m happy to share!


I love that using our Young Living oils is changing the way we do a LOT of things. From using Thieves (diluted) to handle Graham’s teething, using our Tranquil roll-on to help the kids sleep at night, lavender to treat bumps and bruises… we’re loving this natural path.

One of the ways I’ve attempted to be “natural” in the past is with bug spray. The mosquitos here in East Tennessee are ridiculous. And coupled with the stream that runs through our back yard, surging with rainfall and leaving a hoard of mosquitos behind after every storm, our back yard is really a challenge in the summer months. We’re used to staying indoors after 10am and watching our garden wilt from inattention.

And yeah, we’ve tried those natural options. Let’s be honest. They’re terrible. Either they’re completely ineffective or they smell so rank it’s like they’re trying to flat out SCARE the bugs away. And even then, they’re ineffective. It’s a lose-lose. You smell AWFUL and you’re chewed up by mosquitos. Blech.


So when I saw this bugspray recipe posted by my upline, I was cautious. BUT… we’ve been using it regularly and I’ve got to say… it’s working! At this point we’re talking ZERO bites for the kids. And they’re totally roll-in-the-grass types. Plus, the Purification oil (part of the mix) is also supposed to be a tick repellant, and I keep hearing those are BAD this year.

My spray bottle is WAY smaller than the size they recommend (though I probably need to use a bigger bottle, honestly). So I filled this little 4oz bottle up and used about 4-5 drops of each oil. Bonus – it smells AWESOME and fresh.

A note for ticks – if you find a tick on yourself or your kid, use a drop of Peppermint oil directly on the tick. It will tingle but will make the tick back itself out immediately. If it doesn’t right away, try layering with a drop of Purification. Follow up with a drop of Theives for the antibacterial properties after cleaning the wound.

Okay… so how do you get these oils? Great question. The best part of this Summer Solution is that ALL mentioned oils come in the Premium Starter Kit… wool!!! Y’all, this is like the BEST THING ever. Check out this link to see the details of the kit and how to get your hands on one yourself!! This will totally change your life, I promise!! Let’s GET STARTED!!!