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Welcome to the FIRST ANNUAL JoyDropper Appreciation Day! I’m Erin Rodgers and I’ll be the one “talking” to you all day. Our whole team of leaders is SO EXCITED that you’re stopping by here to see what all the excitement is around Essential Oils.

Here on this page you’ll find all sorts of helpful information about the Young Living Starter Kit and oils. The FUN begins May 11 at 10am Eastern. OH YES. It’s going to be a CRAZY day of learning about oils and getting some FREE stuff. Are you ready?

***Disclaimer: We are NOT physicians! None of the information we share is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or condition that you have. If you intend to use essential oils and have a medical condition that is currently being treated with prescription or OTC meds, PLEASE discuss your transition to using essential oils with your doctor. Pursuing a natural alternative is a good thing, but it can also be very dangerous if not done with the proper supervision, especially if you are currently on multiple medications!***

Now, there are several different types of people who are probably hanging out with us today. The first group is into living the “natural” life and already knows about oils. If this is you…YAY YOU! The second type of person joining us is new to essential oils and is either just getting started to using essential oils, or thinks that maybe there is a chance that these things work. The last type of people are those who think that essential oils are “snake oils” and that only crazy people use them, and you are just hanging out reading all this stuff for a laugh because there is NO WAY any of this stuff works. Regardless of the category you fall into, we are so glad you are here! I promise this day will be painless and fun!

Think of this day like a class…JoyDropper Lessons. But the class is from the comfort of your own home, right here on our blog, so you can grab your favorite snack and beverage and hang out with us. Here is how the day will work—I am going to start with talking about some of the stumbling blocks many people have before taking the “oil plunge”. Then we will explain how you can get the oils-by becoming a member, and why this is not something that should scare you. Really, I promise you aren’t signing your life away by ordering a kit. You just aren’t. Finally, we will talk about all of our favorite oils are, how we use them, and why you can’t live without them. To make things a bit easier, we will number the posts so that you can follow along.

I am sure you’re thinking…”WAIT! You said there would be fun and prizes!”

Yep. There are. We are giving away over $900 worth of prizes today! I know…this is definitely awesome sauce. Today is quite possibly the best day EVER! At the end of each post we will explain what you can win and how you can enter. Below is a schedule of when we will be posting throughout the day.


10:00 am Welcome (win a bottle of En-R-Gee to fuel you through the day!)
10:30 am Stumbling Blocks (giving away 2 Essential Oils Pocket Reference books)
11:00 am Intro to Kit (giving away 1 home diffusers)
11:30 am Lavender (giving awayFOUR 5-ml bottles of Lavender)
12:00 pm Lemon (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of Lemon)
12:30 pm Melaleuca Alternifolia (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of Melaleuca Alternifolia)
1:00 pm Frankincense (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of Frankincense)
1:30 pm Peppermint (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of Peppermint)
2:00 pm Thieves (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of Thieves)
2:30 pm Joy (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of Joy)
3:00 pm PanAway (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of PanAway)
3:30 pm Purification (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of Purification)
4:00 pm Stress Away (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of Stress Away)
4:30 pm Citrus Fresh (giving away FOUR 5-ml bottles of Citrus Fresh)
5:00 pm NingXia Red (giving away FOUR sets of 5 packets of NingXia Red)
5:30 pm Thieves Kit (giving away several Thieves products)
6:00 pm Wrap up post.
**All times are EASTERN

You have until Tuesday morning at 9 am to make comments and be entered to win. Winners will be announced Tuesday morning between 9 am and 10 am Central time.

Now, let’s get going with a giveaway! To be entered to win, comment below telling us how you heard about us AND if you are new to essential oils or if you have used them before!! We will draw a winner to receive a bottle of En-R-Gee! Let’s face it, we need some En-R-Gee to get us through today! 🙂

Meanwhile… comment and tell me. Are YOU excited to learn more about these oils?