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Feelings Kit – wrapup info

Ahhhhh…. FOUR weeks of Feelings Kit posts… Were you able to read over all of them? That was a LOT of information!! Right now several of you are wondering how to GET YOUR HANDS on the Feelings Kit. I know, right??!!!

First off, if you’re a member of Young Living, hop right into the Virtual Office and add it to your ER for this month or throw in a quick order . But if you’re not a member, now you’re stuck. (Clearly I’ll un-stuck you now!)

This kit is a great deal for these six oils. In fact, there are THREE ways to go about getting it, depending on if you’re a YL member or not.

  • Not a YL Wholesale member? SIGN UP AS A RETAIL CUSTOMER and pay $224.67
  • Not a YL Wholesale member? SIGN UP USING THE BASIC KIT for $45 and add the Feelings Kit to your order for $170.75, making your total $215.75. (This is the SMARTEST way to do it if you’re not already a member… you’ll save almost $10 from being a retail member PLUS you’ll have wholesale access to YL products going forward. Yay!)
  • Then, of course, if you already have a wholesale account with Young Living, you can snag the Feelings Kit with your membership for a cool $170.75

FeelingsKitDetails.jpgYoung Living is a membership-based company and I’d be more than happy to work with you directly. Members who sign up with me and my team, the JoyDroppers, will have access to our online classes, our online team lounges, our live events, and tons of training and education. If you’d like information about this, shoot me an email ( or hop right on to the site if you’re ready to get started as a wholesale member.

How do you become a wholesale member? Two ways… you can buy a $45 membership to YL which comes with no product but allows you 24% off anything you purchase – this is what we affectionately refer to like a Costco card. No product, just access. The second and most popular way is by purchasing the $160 Premium Starter Kit which comes with an awesome Diffuser AND 11 of the most commonly used Essential Oils… and also allows you 24% off all future purchases. You can view more information about those options on our team page:

If you just want the Feelings Kit and DON’T want to be a wholesale member, I’m happy to help you with that too. Again, shoot me an email ( and I’ll get you rolling no problem.